The Extra Mile – meet with, and learn from, independent coaches, trainers and consultants

The Extra Mile was created to enable independent practitioners to meet with, and learn from, each other. We meet 5-8 times a year, alternating between Sussex and London. Between times, we continue to spark off each other through our group on LinkedIn, where we now have 150+ contributors from all over the world.

Final Date for 2016 – put this in your diary now!

16 December 2016: The Extra Mile “Extraordinary General Meeting” – a free event, your chance to shape the future direction and growth of our group. Breakfast Agency, 75 Farringdon Road, London. 2pm – 4pm.

The small print

We don’t aim to make a profit but do appreciate a contribution of £25 to cover costs. You can pay in advance using Eventbrite, pay on the day or take out an annual subscription for £120. The latter option allows you to come to as many events as you want, up to eight events are planned for London and Brighton over the next 12 months. Contact us for details. And tell your friends!


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