What’s happening with The Extra Mile…

We hope you can join us at the next two events:

Thursday 29th June, Sussex, 10am-1pm ‘The Power of Teams’ – facilitated by Patrick Ballin and Liz Beck

Book here: The Power of Teams

Thursday 20th July, London, 2-5pm ‘Inclusive Leadership’ – facilitated by Dr Ian Dodds

Book here: Inclusive Leadership

We had a fantastic earlier this year with two brilliant event: ‘Reflect, Learn and Grow‘ in January, with a World Cafe style session facilitated by Fiona McBride, and we kicked March off with an entertaining session run by Bob Harvey-Jenner on ‘The Psychology of Portrait Photography.’ Bob’s session was followed by a pop-up photo studio where attendees had new head shot portraits taken by Bob.

Our mission is to combine the serious business of learning from each other with the fun business of learning about each other – we’re people from all walks of working life. Come along or get in touch!

New year – new thinking…

A huge thank you to everyone for such a stimulating, entertaining and thought-provoking 2016.

Before we think about the year ahead, I would like to share a tale brought to The Extra Mile Christmas Meeting by one of its members, which brings to life something of the spirit of The Extra Mile.

Frog peeking out

Penny was working with a voluntary sector organisation that had decided to fight back. Austerity would be vanquished by encouraging local charities and services to work and act together. Whether a two-man band with unbeatable local expertise or a significant regional charity of years’ experience – they would collaborate to deliver what the community needed, and join forces to bid together for scarce budgets.

One bid concerned a programme for interventions in schools to improve mental health, and three mental health charities had come together to work on the bid. A new member of the group happened to be visiting as the brief was being discussed. This charity was dedicated to saving amphibians. Especially frogs. The serendipity of these apparently unrelated areas of expertise connecting casually without an agenda or intention created a sort of alchemy. Children love frogs. Conversations and care and trust can build around…a frog.

An imaginative and successful bid was created.

The conditions for connection had been created without a fixed outcome in mind, and magical things happened. The Extra Mile, just like the organisation in the story, is all about joyful connections – leading to results that could never have been predicted.

Events that bring us together and teach us new perspectives…

We’re excited and energised about where 2017 will take us all and are looking forward to bringing you an eclectic mix of events, which started on 23rd January with a lively and interactive world café style session focusing on ‘reflect, learn and grow’.

Other topics we are planning to cover this year include:

  • using comedy in learning
  • the psychology of portrait photography
  • inclusive leadership
  • social media
  • the ROI of coaching.

A key core value of the Extra Mile is inclusivity and we’re always open to new ideas. So please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and views about what you’d like us to talk about, or where and how you’d like us to meet up? Just comment below or email us at info@mileone.co.uk. We always welcome new members too, so please do spread the word and invite friends and colleagues to visit this website and sign up.

Here’s to an enriching and rewarding 2017. Happy New Year!

What or who could you bring to The Extra Mile in 2017?

We’ve had some excellent The Extra Mile sessions in London and Sussex this year – including the recent autumn series with Ed Will, Will Murray, Gary Coulton, Glenn Wallis and Kevin Cherry. Could it be your turn in 2017? Already we have offers to run sessions on social media, the psychology of portrait photography, inclusive behaviours and more.

Is there a topic that you’d like to bring to the group? Or maybe lead a different sort of session – something more social, or more of a discussion? Are there topics or facilitators you would like to hear  – in the spirit of having fun, creating sparky ideas and sustaining a community that is a great shared resource for everyone involved?

We’re also growing the group so think about who you’d like to bring along to take part, and ask them to sign up now on this site – that way, they’ll get the 2017 programme as soon as it’s ready!